Rambo 1 part 1 full movie I

Rambo 1 part 1 full movie

I tried again and it played for about 1 hour of the 2 hour movie. Then it froze up, I tried to skip past it and could not. I tried again my Blu-Ray player kept making a clicking noise. I closely re-examined the disk and sure enough it is cracked on the edge. My question is can a cracked disk DAMAGE your Blu-Ray Player? I am worried that I may have damaged my player. If it could damage it what kinds of damage should I look for. If it is damaged Netflix is going to be buying me a new player!!! Same exact issue 5 out of first 6 blu-ray I recd from Netflix had exact same least I know it isnt my player doing it. Were now up to 8 out of 12 Blu-Ray discs received with a a 75% failure rate! If Netflix is not pouring Manhattan Project levels of capital and human resources into this problem, they deserve to go out of business. I cant imagine what the balance sheet looks like on the Blu-Ray side of the business! The only reason Im not dropping Netflix today, and looking for another video rental solution, is that I invested in a Blu-Ray player that does Netflix streaming. Instead, Im dropping my service from rambo 1 part 1 full movie to 1-at-a-time, and will take advantage of the very good streaming service. Im now costing them more as a customer than the revenue Im bringing in for them. The streaming is obviously a loss-leader, and with no discs to watch, weve been streaming an awful lot lately. During the call in to customer service to downgrade, I saved the first guy a lot of grief by asking for his supervisor right away. She patiently and politely listened to everything I had to say regarding the issue, and all of the negative publicity theyre receiving on the internet. She also gave me the next months service for free. If youre experiencing this same issue, I recommend calling them up, and talking to at least one level up from the first tier in customer service. The poor men and women manning the lines must be clinically depressed by now. Over the last 3 months 13 of the last 16 have arrived with the same crack. Replacements come cracked as well. Conacted Customer service and they said they were looking into better packaging, but I should call the post office to complain. At first they acted as though I was the only one to report such a thing, until I mentioned the message boards regarding this issue and they seemed to change their tune and offer one month free service. If this does not improve soon, I will be going elsewhere. The problem is getting worse rather than better. Have received 6 disks in the past two weeks, 4 have been cracked. Have read the other comments, they are going to have to change their packaging. 16 out of 25 blu-ray discs sent to me from Netflix had this issue. Each time I call to complain, Netflix tells me that my Panasonic brand blu-ray player is known to be too sensitive and they never had any issues with cracked blu-ray discs. Are rambo 1 part 1 full movie other players out there that are playing through the cracks? I can generally start the movie but then it locks up after 20 or 50 minutes. I have had replacements 4 times on multiple discs each with the same cracking issue. As far as I can tell, Netflix is not even acknowledging that there is a re-occurring problem with their blu-ray discs, let alone doing anything about it. Netflix support basically told me that they cannot do anything other than to keep replacing the cracked discs and suggested that I should rent my blu-ray movies at a store instead. I must be one of the few lucky ones, living in the bronx, from like 50 BD discs rented got 1 or 2 cracked like this. Im glad Im not alone.

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